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(10-020-002) ORATEX FOKKER RED 2M


PTXFOKKERRED20 Aircraft Covering

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Oratex is a heat-shrink polyester fabric covering for larger models that is very strong and has a weave apparent in its texture. Because of the texture, this covering has a positive effect on flight performance; it reduces induced drag giving stable flight at low speed (when landing for example) and is more energy efficient at high speed. It is similar to that used on full-size, fabric covered gliders. It was used to cover the Solar Impulse that flew around the world! It comes in a range of solid colours and is ironed on in the normal way.

Weights vary by colour; White and Cub Yellow are 102g/sq.m., Corsair Blue is 95g/sq.m.

All rolls are 2000mm x 600mm. 10m rolls are available for some colours.

All colours available can be ordered in if not in stock. Other colours include Antique, Silver, Olive Drab, Natural and Fokker Red.

Key Features


ORATEX® fabric is tough… Very tough. Importantly, the finished product remains flexible, so its ability to stretch and withstand impact without leaving a mark is extraordinary. View demo.


ORATEX® is one of the lightest, strongest finished fabrics available in colour. ORATEX® fabrics do not require additional fillers, UV coatings or paint, resulting in significant weight-saving potential. The winning competitive STOL aircraft chose this covering for a reason! View Weight Comparisons Video.


ORATEX® is one of the fastest and simplest aircraft fabrics to apply. The elimination of several processes (masking, spraying, sanding, repeat coats, etc) results in significant time saving. ORATEX® fabric comes with its own UV protection and colour already built into the fabric during the manufacturing process.

Summary of ORATEX® Fabric Advantages

  • ✔ Excellent adhesion.
  • ✔ No solvents, consequently no smell.
  • ✔ No paint, primer, sealer or UV coating required.
  • ✔ Environmentally friendly.
  • ✔ The fabric is finished once applied, ready to fly the next day!
  • ✔ No crusty surface coating on top of the fabric. No paint cracking.
  • ✔ Easy to apply.
  • ✔ Protective seal is fuel and oil resistant.
  • ✔ Easy to rib stitch (if required).
  • ✔ Significant weight saving.
  • ✔ Very difficult to rip.
  • ✔ Trim and styling tapes can be applied and removed easily without damage, allowing creativity of styling at low cost.
  • ✔ Significant time-saving compared to covering methods that require subsequent surface coating and painting.

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 63 × 5 × 5 cm

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