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This fabulous modeling kit is aimed at those who want to start in the world of miniatures.


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New HMS Endeavour Captain’s Longboat Wooden Model Kit
Discover the redesigned captain’s longboat of HMS Endeavour of 2022, a fantastic wooden model at 1/50 scale, reproduced with exceptional fidelity. Guided by our renewed and highly detailed step-by-step multimedia instructions on DVD for computer, modelers can now accurately build their replica of this beautiful longboat with a deck and two sticks for sails. No printed instructions are included. This fabulous modeling kit is aimed at those who want to start in ship modeling.
The wooden model kit of the HMS Endeavour captain’s boat has high-quality parts for assembly: high precision laser-cut board, noble woods such as birch, hand-sewn sails ready to be placed, cotton threads and metal parts in photo-etched, brass and die-cast. As a bonus, this modeling kit includes a wooden exhibition base with a metal name plate so that the scale model is perfectly exposed. Once the model is finished, it measures 16.53” (420mm) length x 3.54” (90mm) width x 10.63” (270mm) height.
Paint your model with the Pack of Paints for HMS Endeavour Ship Model, for sale separately.
A new and improved highly accurate assembly experience that you will love as a modeler. Build your 1/50 scale model of the HMS Endeavour captain’s boat!
History of British Ship HMS Endeavour
Launched in 1765 and chosen by James Cook three years later to prepare his historic voyage, the ship HMS Endeavour was part of important discoveries. Thanks to this British ship, Australia was discovered and Tahiti and numerous islands were located. In addition, new animal and plant species hitherto unknown in Europe were discovered. And, finally, it allowed for the first time the calculation with great precision of the position in longitude by means of mathematical formulas.
In short, the contribution of James Cook’s voyages to navigation, seamanship and geographical exploration are of historical importance. Now you can learn what the captain’s boat of HMS Endeavour was like thanks to this 1/50 scale wooden model from Artesania Latina, a true jewel of naval modeling. Get started on this wonderful hobby with this low difficulty naval replica for beginners.

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 5 cm

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