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Do You Have the Skill to Conquer the Tough Australian Outback? SRS352-CP8059

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The true bad boys of the outback, not some shirtless, croc-wrestling guy in a vest and ridiculous hat. These trucks are so bad, they’re banned in most of Australia. Drivers of mere passenger cars have to know how to navigate the barren roads when they approach a road train in the wild. When these oversize trucks get going, they are almost literally impossible to stop.

Most of the Australia’s cities are located along the coasts of the continent, but things like livestock, grains, fuel, ore and construction materials still have to be shipped from one region to another. There’s no real choice but to barrel through the wild heart of the country… The outback!

Auto World invites you to jump up into the cab of one of these massive, smoke-belching semi-trucks and experience some of the excitement of trucking in the dangerous, desolate outback.


  • 14 Feet of Molded in Outback Red Track
  • Peterbilt 359 Semi with Livestock Trailer Xtraction Slot Car
  • GMC Astro 95 Semi with Tanker Trailer Xtraction Slot Car
  • 4 Scenic Cardboard Stand-Ups
  • Crash-Thru Barriers
  • 2 Speed Controllers
  • Power Pack

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 52 × 41 × 11 cm

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