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Classic Carlectables 1:18 Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III Ultra White


Limited Edition of only 1000 worldwide


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Late in 1970, Ford replaced the XW range with the new XY range. As with the XW, a GT was also released. By the first half of 1971, a GT-HO, the Phase 3, was released. This GT-HO was a true supercar and with a top speed of over 140mph was the fastest four door sedan in the world at the time. Approximately 300 XY GT-HO Phase 3 Falcons were produced.
This new XY had more subtle side striping than the XW, but it lacked none of the aggressive look people had come to expect. A functional, as well as decorative, aircleaner assembly with a scoop protruding through a hole in the bonnet was standard. Ultimately this scoop assembly would become known as a “shaker”.
The driving lights, bonnet pins, bonnet blackouts and red wall tyres fitted to five slot or the five star rims, enhanced the car’s appearance. The car was available in many colours and three trim colours, black, white and saddle. As with the XW GT and the XY GT and previous GT-HOs, the Phase 3 had the top of the line interior with a centre console, a sports steering wheel and a sports dash with a 140mph speedometer and an 8000rpm tachometer.
The 351 cubic inch four barrel Cleveland engine was retained from the Phase 2.
Though the Phase 2 looked different from the Phase 3, mechanically they were similar. The most significant engine improvement on the Phase 3 was the introduction of a full extractor exhaust system. A 780cfm Holley carburettor with a manual choke replaced the 750cfm Holley used on the Phase 2. A few internal modifications to the Phase 3 allowed the engine to produce more horsepower.
The Phase 3 brakes were upgraded with the introduction of a brake vacuum reserve tank and new PBR front callipers. Not all the Phase 3 Falcons had the PBR callipers as standard, with many being fitted with the “old” Kelsey Hayes type.
The PBR became the preferred calliper for the racing teams with Hardie Ferodo developing an excellent brake pad to cope with the stresses of motor racing.
A Ford four speed top loader was still the only transmission available on the GT-HO Falcons. Three differential ratios were available, with 80% of the Phase 3 Falcons having a 3.25:1 ratio, a limited slip hemisphere with a wide ratio gearbox and 28 spline axle shafts.
From the outside the XY GT-HO looked similar to the XY GT except for the GT-HO being fitted with front and rear spoilers. In 1972, prior to the Bathurst race, 15 inch Globe alloy wheels were homologated for the Phase 3. These Globe wheels were to be standard on the Phase 4 Falcons, but with the demise of the Phase 4 in 1972, Ford had no option but to run the Phase 3 again.
In order to be able to use the Globe wheels on the racing Phase 3 Falcons, at least 200 sets had to be supplied and fitted to the road cars. Ford notified the Phase 3 owners through its dealer network and the 200 sets were sold in plenty of time for the upcoming Bathurst race.
The XY was such a beautifully built car, with awesome power and handling to match.
The Phase 3 not only achieved Ford’s objective of winning at Bathurst, it also secured its reputation as a true motoring legend.
Classic Carlectables are proud to give you the Ford Falcon XY Phase 3 GT-HO.

Item includes certificate with individual production number.

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