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Pet-Mat Small Heated Pad


  • Pet Mat is durable, waterproof and easy to clean.
  • 28 x 21cm


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  • Pet Mat is the easiest way to keep your pets warm in Winter. It’s also a great way to support pets that may need extra help supporting temperature regulation, including very young kittens or pups, very old or arthritic animals, hair less pets, pets who live in colder climates and pets recovering from surgery or illness. 

    Using advanced Thin Film Technology Pet Mat provides economical, self-regulating high-tech heating for cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes.


    • Use to keep cats and dogs warm during Winter or in cold climates.
    • Helpful for small, old and hairless pets, and sick animals that have trouble maintaining body heat.
    • Pet Mat can be used in whelping boxes for mothers and pups/kittens.


    • Connect Pet Mat to a power source and allow 5 mins to heat.
    • Test the heat pad by placing your hand on the pad. You should feel the pad warm slightly beneath your hand. Move your hand  to a cooler spot on the pad and the heat will follow.
    • Pet mat technology allows sufficient heat to keep your dog or cat warm and responds to their movement. When hot, the pet will naturally move to a cooler part of the mat. That area will slowly increase in temperature in response.
    • Use Pet Mat on top of a pet bed, crate or anywhere your pet likes to lounge or sleep.
    • It must be close enough to a power source to connect.
    • Use Pet Mat on a firm surface, including firm pet beds and trampolines, but NOT on soft cushioning. This may bend the mat and cause deterioration and function loss.
    • For ultimate comfort for your pet, cover the mat with a light a blanket or towel that can allow heat to move through. The subtle heat from Pet Mat cannot move through thick cushions or foam mattresses.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 7 cm

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