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Tamiya 14081 1/12 Suzuki RGV-1 XR89


1/12 scale assembly model kit based on the Suzuki RGV-Gamma (XR89) motorbike


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About the Suzuki RGV-Gamma (XR89)

The opening round of the 500cc class 1999 World Road Race Championships was set ablaze in the heat of the Malaysian GP. Although it was Team Honda that was said to have the advantage in the opening race of the season, they would be denied victory by young rider, Kenny Roberts, Jr. and the rest of the Suzuki team. New to the Suzuki team, Roberts, Jr. secured a third place finish in the qualifying round before burning rubber to a victory which surprised everyone, especially Team Honda. Proving his triumph was no fluke, Roberts, Jr. went on to win the second round too, this time on the rain soaked course of the Japan GP. On his way to the checkered flag in Japan, Roberts, Jr. was also successful in beating out five year champion Honda NSR rider, Michael Doohan. The 1999 version of the RGV-Gamma is known as the XR89. Its development centered on creating greater overall balance to unlock its maneuverability and cornering speed. The V-type 4-cylinder engine of XR89 model is cradled by a lightweight, aluminum twin-tube frame. The potential of the RGV-Gamma was more than proved by Roberts, Jr., who mounted the victory podium eight times in 1999, securing a very respectable overall season ranking of second place.

..About the Model

  • 1/12 scale assembly model kit based on the Suzuki RGV-Gamma (XR89).
  • Overall length: 168mm, overall width: 52mm, overall height: 93mm.
  • Model features one-piece upper cowl constructed with the latest in slide-molding technology. All cowling and gas tank can be removed even after assembly, revealing the intricate understructure of this sophisticated recreation.
  • 2-cycle V4 engine features detailed exhaust valve, clutch, air-cleaner, and other parts.
  • Rear suspension uses metal coil spring and is attached to frame with nuts. Decals have been included for drivers Roberts, Jr., Aoki, and Kagayama.
  • Solid rubber used for authentic slick racing tires.

Paints recommended for this kit:

  • TS-10 – 100ml French Blue
  • TS-14 – 100ml Black
  • TS-26 – 100ml Pure White
  • X-10 – 10ml Gun Metal
  • X-11 – 10ml Chrome Silver
  • X-12 – 10ml Gold Leaf
  • X-13 – 10ml Metallic Blue
  • X-18 – 10ml Semi Gloss Black
  • X-21 – 10ml Flat Base
  • X-24 – 10ml Clear Yellow
  • X-27 – 10ml Clear Red
  • X-31 – 10ml Titanium Gold
  • X-32 – 10ml Titanium Silver
  • X-34 – 10ml Metallic Brown
  • X-4 – 10ml Blue
  • X-7 – 10ml Red
  • X-8 – 10ml Lemon Yellow
  • XF-1 – 10ml Flat Black
  • XF-16 – 10ml Flat Aluminum
  • XF-19 – 10ml Sky Grey
  • XF-2 – 10ml Flat White
  • XF-28 – 10ml Dark Copper
  • XF-53 – 10ml Neutral Grey
  • XF-56 – 10ml Metallic Grey
  • XF-6 – 10ml Copper

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 36 × 21 × 7 cm

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