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Trixie Soft Clicker- assorted colors


Some conditioning work is recommended for clicker training dogs.


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for puppies and sensitive animals

  •  soft, consistent clicker sound
  •  spiral cable for attaching to wrist
  •  quick fastener for taking off the clicker
  •  plastic/PVC/metal

Clickers & whistles: communication and training for your dog

Trixie’s selection of clickers and whistles are designed to facilitate communication between you and your dog and make training more efficient. Whether you are an experienced trainer or a beginner, at TRIXIE you will find the ideal tool to deepen the bond between you and your dog.

Clicker training: The art of positive reinforcement with clicks

Clickers make a clicking sound when activated, which you can condition your dog to observe by giving a treat at the same time as the click. The dog then associates the sound with a reward over time. This gives your dog an immediate and understandable signal that you can use to reinforce and train any desired behaviour.

Most clickers can be attached to your wrist so they are always at hand. The Finger Clicker is handy and always at hand, while the Soft Clicker provides a gentle reward for sensitive dogs. The training discs allow you to interrupt unwanted behaviour. Whatever your training needs, you will find the right solution to improve communication with your dog.

Dog whistles: An unmistakable signal even over long distances

Dog whistles produce clear sounds that can be heard from far away and are therefore particularly suitable for outdoor training and for being able to call your dog back to you easily even at greater distances and in the presence of background noise. Your voice is not always enough. In addition, the dog is conditioned over time to the specific sound of the whistle, can distinguish it optimally from other noises and thus receives an unmistakable signal. Furthermore, all commands can be supported with the whistle by conditioning the dog to the whistle sound.

High-frequency whistles have a tone that is barely audible to the human ear, but which dogs can hear just as well as a normal whistle. They are therefore ideal for intensive training and hunting. The clicker whistle combines the classic clicker sound with a whistle sound for versatile training.


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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 4 cm

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