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Vetafarm Avimec 50ML


Scaly Face Mites burrow under the skin of the featherless areas of budgerigars causing severe damage and deformities to the beak, cere and eyelids.

Avimec is a safe and effective drop on treatment, protecting budgerigars from mite infestation.


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Birds less than 30g body weight apply 1 drop, Birds between 30-100g body weights apply 2 drops.

Repeat application weekly for three doses.

Place drops on an unfeathered area of skin. Do not apply directly to the affected area – place drops on the back, thigh or under the wing.

Treat all birds in the aviary.

Full recovery may take up to 6 weeks.


Store below 25°C (air conditioning)


1000µg/mL Ivermectin

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Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

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